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Exploring the rich sounds of R&B, singer songwriter Vinlisa is producing music that is both intoxicating and a sensual journey into the mind of a young woman at the peak of her powers. Making music since 2015, it was not until 2019 that she took her career seriously and began delivering on the ambitions she had created for herself.

Now based in Los Angeles, the Cambodian-American artist spent her formative years studying music in New Orleans. That experience opened many doors for Vinlisa and allowed her to evolve as an artist. Inspired by icons Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga from a young age, those influences make it in to the wonderful songs she has released to date and have seen her audiences grow at an astounding rate. 

Fluid, dynamic and texturally brilliant, her 8 singles and EP are a statement to the wonderful talents she has in her pocket. Performing at legendary venues such as the House of Blues, Tipitinas and the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse, has also added to her glowing reputation. In the virtual space she has also showcased her songs for the Joy Ruckus Club and at the Khmerlife Festival.

With songs such as ‘He Like It’ gaining significant traction on Spotify, her place amongst the stars is guaranteed. Adding to this promise is her debut album which will set the planet ablaze in 2022. Discover her world of wonder and join Vinlisa on her trip to the future. 

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